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Antimicrobial contact lens case

Improve the safety of your contact lenses with this antimicrobial contact lens case.

The lens case is treated so that bacteria are killed, and this also prevents the growth of new bacteria.

Contact lens Inserter/Remover

Insertador / extractor de lentes de contacto


A practical and hygienic way of inserting and removing your contact lenses at home on on the move.

Securely grasp the contact lens for insertion, removal and centering functions.

Suitable for using during travelling or outdoor activity


MicroBlock Anti bacterial cleaner case


Improve the safety of your contact lenses with MicroBlock™ anti-bacterial lens case from Alcon.

Infused with antimicrobial silver ions throughout the case and lens cap, MicroBlock™ kills bacteria on contact but also prevents the growth of new ones.
Thereby making contact lenses safer to wear by providing protection against the complications often associated with contaminated lens cases.

Your eyes are healthier as they stay better protected.

Remember: Change cleaner cases monthly!

Screw-cap cleaner case

Screw-cap contact lens case

Practical screw-cap contact lens case. For storage of soft contact lenses during chemical desinfection.

Practical and small lens case that looks great and easily fits into any pocket or purse.
Anyone who uses contacts should have a few cases to spare for when they urgently need to clean their lenses.

Benefits of Contact Lens Case
• Store any contact lens
• Keep lenses hygienic and clean
• Organise lenses when not in use

The contamination of the case is a risk factor in the contact lens user's visual health.
For this reason, our recommendation is to replace your contact lens case monthly.

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4 Item(s)
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