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Manufacturer Menicon
Lens Material Tolofocon A
Silicone Hydrogel No
Lens Extended or Overnight Wear Yes
Number of contact lenses in the box 1
Lens UV Protection No
Lens replacement schedule Annual (day use)
Oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t)
Lens Water %
Returns or cancellations accepted: No

Menicon EX (1)

Menicon EX is a high DK gas permeable contact lens.

Estimated Shipping Date
18 August 2020 - 25 August 2020


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Menicon EX is a high DK gas permeable contact lens that embodies Menicon's mission, placing the priority on safety of ocular health and providing comfortable contact lens life for all the wearers, in daily wear time. Menicon EX emphasizes on its superiorities not only providing enough oxygen to cornea but also modifying the design that can offer comfortable wear and tear pumping. One of their characteristics is peripheral lens design known as bevel.

Menicon EX can choose the unique design to match between the lens and corneal shape because cornea is not complete spherical and its shape gets not-spherical as close to periphery. That is why Menicon EX naturally fits to cornea and can obtain comfortable wear. And also bring smooth tear pumping.

Extended wear (day and night) up to 7 days may be acceptable with this lens.

Superior Visual correction.
Menicon EX is a rigid gas permeable lens with high oxygen permeability. As one of its specific characteristics, it can provide superior visual correction and show excellent performance against astigmatism.

 We do not sell this lens as "payment at delivery"
Return policy: This lens is a "made-to-order" lens, it is only possible to cancel the order IF the factory has not started production of the lens. Also, this lens cannot be returned or exchanged.

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