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Additional Information

Manufacturer Alcon / Cibavision
Lens Material Phemfilcon A
Lens Extended or Overnight Wear No
Number of contact lenses in the box 2
Lens UV Protection No
Lens replacement schedule Monthly (day use)
Lens Water % 55%

Freshlook Colors (Plano) (2)

Freshlook Colors (without vision correction) are opaque lenses, suitable for both dark and light eyes, and allow you to completely change, enhance or illuminate the color of your eyes.
Available in 6 colors.



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  Qty Power (D, PWR or SPH) Base curve (BC) Diameter (Dia) Color
Left (OS) 0.00 8.60 14.50
Right (OD) 0.00 8.60 14.50
One Eye 0.00 8.60 14.50

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FreshLook Colors Contact Lenses (without vision correction)

• are opaque lenses
• are suitable for both dark and light eyes
• allow you to completely change, enhance or illuminate the color of your eyes. 

Available in 6 colors: apphire blue, Green, Misty Grey, Hazel, Blue, Violet.

Freshlook Colors are also available with vision correction in the menu.









Misty Grey


Saphire Blue



All colors mentioned are only approximate and may appear different on the eye, depending on your eye color.

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